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Summary of last TD, at:07.07.2020; 18 cows in MR
Milk yied on TD Fat to protein ration help Urea
Milk, kg 384
Fat, % 3,87
Protein, % 3,44
SCC (x1000) 282
Exploting of milk potential help
Tendency No. (%)
Months after calving Bulk SSC per month Inseminations/ Expected calvings
1. Inseminated cows: 21 (77,8%)
3. Heifers, older than 1 year: 6 (22,2%)
Insemination service in last 365 days
  All AI With young bulls
All cows 48 8
Primiparous cows 14 8
Bulls out of BP 0  
help Temperature humidity
index between 69 and 72
Ventilation systems and housing Hydrometeorological data
No risk of heat stress
Mechanical ventilation system
Natural ventilation system
Inappropriate ventilation system
Pasture during the daytime and barns with
free exit to outside lot during the nighttime
The nearest weather station
Recommendations for reduction of heat stress
effect for dairy cows
- Cooling and ventilation of barns
- Cooling of animals
- Feedstuff and feeding
- Watering of animals
Date:16.07.2020 at 17:50
Moisture 84%
Temperature 18,6oC
Pressure 1014 hPa
Wind - speed and orientation 2 km/h JV